6-Max Cash Game No Limit Holdem



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A full solution for 6-Max No Limit Holdem! No Calculation is needed, every strategic flop for the most common Spots is available and you can study on the fly with no delay!

That's in this package:


Solved Preflop Charts
Opening RFI/3bet/4bet/5bet and defense frequencies

Postflop Spots solved:
BB vs BU openraise
BB vs BU openraise
BB vs CO openraise
BB vs EP openraise
BB vs MP openraise
BB vs SB openraise
BU vs CO openraise
BU vs EP openraise
BU vs MP openraise
3-Bet BB vs BU
3-Bet BB sv CO
3-Bet BB vs EP
3-Bet BB vs MP
3-Bet BB vs SB
4-Bet BB vs SB
3-Bet BU vs CO
3-Bet BU vs EP
3-Bet BU vs MP

Flop + Turn + River:
1755 Flops and for each Spot + every possible Turn and River
More than 30.000 flops in total

4 Bet Sizes on every street
2-4 Donk Betsizes on every street

Solver Configuration Details:
Preflop: Solved to 0.35% exploitability
Postflop: Solved to 1%-0.1% exploitability

zip File with a folder structure to get to the desired solution as fast as possible
File Format example: AhAdAc.gto
Compatible with GTO+. If you do not have GTO+ License you get a $75 GTO+ License. Contact Support after your buy (sales@dreamgto.com).  Solved with "biggest storage" so no recalculation needed.

More Questions?
Contact via Discord: TimoS#9145
Contact via Mail: info@dreamgto.com

Game Integrity:
We only sell this solution 10 times. That's our effort to keep the Poker Environment healthy. This solution can be used for Cheating and we don't support that. Please be advised that using our Solution while playing is against the TOS of most of the Poker rooms!