6-Max Pre- and Postflop

Every Turn and River is included and already solved. You do not need to run a simulation ever again.


Ultimate Headsup Solution

Every Spot. Every Post & Preflop Street. One of the most accurate Solutions avaiable.

Complete GTO Solutions

Everything included


Discover our Powerful solved Preflop Charts coming with every GTO Pack we are selling. The Preflop Ranges are solved and as close to GTO as it gets. We believe you won't find more accurate Preflop Charts on the market.


1755 is the magic number. That's how many different strategic flops are in No-Limit Texas Holdem. And we solved every one of them. Our solutions are the magic key. We solved different Bet-/Raise-/Donk Bet Sizings.

Turn and River

Select every turn and river that is possible and get the result instantly. No delay or recalculation. You get the results immediately. Studying poker never was this efficient.

Many Bet and Donkbet Sizes

We think just two Bet sizes is not enough. That's why we have 4 Bet sizes and up to 4 Donkbet Sizes.

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